Water and Septic Solutions

Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions  is a fully licensed and accredited installer of waste water treatment systems in the province of Alberta, a member of the  Alberta Onsite Wastewater Association, as a PSDS  installer licensed, by the Alberta Municipal Affairs we are trained  professionals to meet the expectations of the 2016 Standard of Practice with in Alberta, protecting your family  and the environment, with the  design and installation of reliable  waste treatment  systems, to meet the demand of tomorrow.

Concrete water cisterns CSA approved can also be supplied and installed by Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions from local suppliers. These cisterns generally come with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer. Woods Excavating has a 2-year warranty on system design and installations that covers  parts, labour and workmanship.

Pumps are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Moreover, we are capable of installing water, sewer, and power on lots that are serviced by the municipality. With deep excavations and long trenches, Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions places a high value on Alberta Health And Safety including Occupational Health and Safety. Make sure you hire professionals with the equipment, knowledge, and experience to complete your project safely. Safety is the top priority, and Woods Excavating and Septic Solutions has a proven 30 year track record. You're in good hands!

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We provide free consultation and site inspection to assist in pre site planning for acreage development including waste water management in our local community.
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